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1998 - 2024
Auberge de la Chaloire
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So good to start your day comfortably in our lounge where we will serve you our "gourmand labelled" breakfast!

On the buffet you will find every day
* a variety of bread,
* an assorted cheese platter,
* cream cheese,
* a varied plate of charcuterie,
* several fruit juices,
* yogurt,
* a range of fresh fruits, and dried fruit,
* herbs and spices from our garden, 100 Bio!
* gingerbread,
* rusks,
* cornfakes, cruesli and a home-made mixture of healthy oats, raisins, cranberries, nuts, seeds and far more!
* butter, honey and Nutella,
* up to 4 jams 100% home-made and light in sugar

More components / dishes (every day we offer several of them)
* eggs (fried / scrambled / omelette / boiled),
* home-made buns,
* rye bread,
* home-made smoothies,
* white cheese,
* home-made pancakes,
* home-made muffins,
* home-made cereal bars,

At the table we serve you
* coffee, tea, chocolate, or milk at will,
* a basket with typical French pastries,

Our assets
* several dishes change every day (we like to vary!),
* the bread proposed also varies from day to day,
* we adapt your breakfast to specific diets (if reported in advance),
* adaptation on request to food allergies,
* our breakfast is adapted to the wishes of our sportive guests

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